Cardfight Vanguard Overdress Will+Dress

The new season of cardfight vanguard overdress is here and its getting good so far with the introduction of new protagonists and new cards. The anime is getting along well each new episode is exciting and yuyu is still adorable and growing along with friends and foes.

Honestly wish that the vanguard scene down here in SOFLO could be like in the anime like how other states and especially Japan and Europe have gotten but were still stuck with lackluster support and stores who only care about profit and a select few of very arrogant wannabe “best players” pay close attention to those air quotes because all those certain players can boast is that they beat all their friends in best of three over and over while getting away with cheating and other underhanded tactics since the only “official” judge is their bestie and the stores that host the so called tournaments back them up giving them carte blanche to act and do however they feel. Honestly any decent player with a good working brain and soul will get turned off by that type of attitude and environment, and new players get scared off, so sad but so true. Hopefully soon in the future things will brighten up for the SOFLO scene but until then we honest and good players will always have the anime and mobile game. Sorry is this sounds like trash talk but the cold hard truth and facts can sound harsh.

Still love the anime and since my regular store no longer does vanguard I am back to how I started loving cardfight vanguard, being a card collector, still holding out hope for a new vanguard hangout to appear with a better behaved and welcoming crowd, until then I still collect and hold my deck on standby while enjoying the anime. All of you should enjoy the new season too.

Please Help Me Fundraise For A Brighter Future:)

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