New Kawaii Resin Crafts!!

Have 3 new resin shaker charms up on my etsy page including an adorable kitty/neko head shaker charm!! Check them out in the pics below and for sale on my etsy page!!


Let’s Talk Gifts- Gift Cards!

Hi everyone I have a moment to blog since I am still recovering from my laser eye surgery, the doctor limited the time I can spend on electronics for my eyes to better recover and I am following his doctor’s orders so I am using today’s time to post for all of my loving followers.

This topic came to me by a lovely surprise gift my neighbor gave me and my mother a beautiful bouquet of roses, it was such a lovely surprise gift, me and my mom adore roses. So I wanted to give some gifting advice especially when it comes to gift cards these days. Honestly the best gift card I could receive as a gift right about now would be a nice visa or MasterCard pre paid gift card with $200 enough to cover my upcoming leg wax and to pay this month’s medical bill for my eye surgery, it wasn’t cheap and the insurance refused to cover so I got to pay monthly out of pocket, but it was medically necessary so yep that type of gift card I’d be over the moon to receive.

Now to the topic, giving gift cards is nice when you don’t know what the other person might like or want and are to afraid to ask directly but here’s the thing, with prices going up these days the minimum you need to put on that gift card for the person to actually be able to shop with it is between $50-$100 yes that’s high but even at a store like Macy’s a pair of nice jeans on sale are still going to cost with tax at least $40 so yep prices went up even when gifting gift cards. The only stores that I’ve heard that you can actually do something with $20 is bath and body works when buying some soap and Starbucks where a latte and croissant costs together $12. Yes it is sad how much the prices for retail and food went up but if you truly want the other person to enjoy their gift you got to do what you have to do in terms of amount, I noticed that these day’s gift cards for under $25 don’t really exist or are hard to find proving that retail and food prices went up compared to past years, but I still wish you all luck and below is a list of some stores that are amazing to get or receive gift cards from.

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Bloomingdales
  • Hollister
  • Hot Topic
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Abercrombie
  • Armani Exchange
  • Gamestop
  • Sephora
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • ZARA
  • Pandora Jewelry
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Forever 21
  • Kipling

      The Have’s And The Have Not’s

      You hear this probably so many times in different situations “if only you had money” or “if only you could afford this” well most people the answer to those questions is always a no because that’s mostly what you hear if your poor. Unlike the rich who those questions don’t even bother to form in their heads unless it’s a question of “What will I spend money on today?” or “What restaurant are we eating at this night?” those lucky people never hear the word no when it comes to nice clothes, delicious food to eat and they never have to worry about debt if they know how to manage their riches.

      Most people blame their misfortunes on luck of the draw in life having rich parents or not, others say it’s education that counts, you achieve many diplomas and you will never go hungry or if you work you’ll never have money troubles but here’s the real reality of the situation, you can do all that and still be poor and hungry or rich and full, it is about luck and what god deems to give to individuals. For example I see it every day, rich kids who’s parents come from money can’t add or read a book to save their life but have unlimited credit cards and eat at luxurious restaurant’s on daddy’s card just because they can when they are only 13 years old, that type of reality can disgust many hardworking adults who work 7 days a week and still are in debt, then take this other example of the other side of the coin, you have someone who has mental and physical limitation’s not necessarily big disabilities but they are still considered disabilities or limitation’s that limit that person from working a full time job and as a result has to be put down by their family, deliver food to the rich to earn extra income and goes to bed crying and hungry because their is no food in her house on top of worrying about debts and if whether they can afford to eat tomorrow or not, and this specific reality is common in girls more than guys, and at the end of all that to be asked a ridiculous question from a guy/girl who they know is more worse off than them ask them out.

      As my good friend would say let’s say this, would you in their shoes, hungry and depressed with their life of misfortune choose more misfortune? or would they rather choose to pick someone well of/wealthy so that the rest of their lives can be at least livable? Sure people can argue that money doesn’t buy love or happiness or health but I beg to differ in that case, money does buy good health insurance which leads to having the best doctors and medicine so a treatable disease can be treated unlike when your poor you can’t afford not even an Advil and suffer regardless, or love is a feeling these days it’s easy to fall “in love” but in reality its lust first then love is nurtured over years, happiness is also something you can’t measure, you can be happy poor or rich it’s a mind game, but when your hungry and full of debt money is almost always the answer, how to get it is the hard part. If you have a way to marry into it then that’s your chance the same as going to college or working, it’s the luck of the draw but if you truly want it you’d do anything and be with a certain someone that can give you gains not losses and an illusion of love.

      In this life it’s a struggle more many and a breeze for the lucky few but I still wish everyone good luck because we all need some luck one way or another.

      For The Love Of Eeveelutions- I Am One Of Many Top Fans

      Here are some pics of eeveelution cards that are a must have for any ultimate fan like myself, I wish I can add these to my collection but you never know when you’ll get a surprise gift, so if anyone out their knows an eeveelution mega fan and wants to surprise them then here’s a couple of amazing eeveelution cards and set that will make them go wild with joy. Prices vary for the individual cards, I always go by market price and see who offers the best price for NEAR MINT CARDS ONLY! My Fave’s are the sylveon VMAX and the sylveon V alternate art, but I love them all and wish I can have them as my own.