Watch “[BANGTAN BOMB] The day when ‘김연탄(KimYeonTan)’ came to the broadcasting station – BTS (방탄소년단)” on YouTube

Yeontan is one adorable lucky dog and loved by all the members🐕❤

Watch “BTS: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert” on YouTube

Just finished watching. I especially loved Spring Day. The song whenever I hear it still brings a smile to my face even as I try not to cry, such an emotional song. What really stood out to me was RM words and Jimin “Miss You Army” I wish these kind and loving souls health and safety and pray that this whole pandemic will be over so all us fans can see them in person❤

Mister Exes

“Oh mister exes your in the past but still think you matter, thought and reality, oh mister exes how sadly out of touch with the real reality you all are, so sad.”

Girls let me tell you something, while your exes are still stuck on you the one who got away you are out their living and enjoying your life while they are lamenting their poor bad choices they made. They could have had a diamond for life instead chose sand that will never ever be in their grasp slipping past their fingers blowing away in the wind along with their hopes.

Take me for example my delusional exes think I still care what they say and think but me and my friends just laugh at their attempts to get my attention, we all just laugh and make funny jibes at them for the choices they had made have ruined them in the eyes of the people who know the real truth, the sheep that believe them are but just sheep bleating mindlessly along, I laugh and go on with my amazing life while they are stuck in the past.

Guys here’s a tip, when you have gold in your grasp try not to let it go and be left with copper, for once you become pitiful mister ex that will be your title forever, so choices are the key, the good and the bad.

“Oh mister exes stuck in a never ending loop whilst I am free as the wind and shine brighter than a diamond.”

Dating During A Pandemic

Well this has been a popular topic all over social media even the news so I though since I haven’t given out advice in a while I thought I’d start with this topic.

I think that while yes during these very weird and new circumstances in a new reality that certain activities like dating can more of a hassle and at times not even encouraged due to health and safety reasons but I think with a little creativity and a rational mind it can be done.

My idea on how to date without risking your or anyone’s health and safety is to before you actually meet the person in real life try to communicate with each other through other means, and if a guy out their wants to be old school romantic if the person you want to date gives you their email address send them a love note, a virtual one if they don’t trust you with their actual address. Even e gift cards instead of actual gifts but if you two share a common hanging place that is open try to get a mutual friend to pass on actual little gifts under the pseudonym “your secret admirer”. Guys before you snicker it does work depending on the girl.

Now if the two have already established a connection and want to meet in person than make sure the both of you are comfortable enough to meet and choose let’s say the mall to walk around or even a restaurant for a light lunch, nothing too serious but not too casual like meeting a friend, first dates are important for the initial first impressions.

Now everyone is free to do what they feel, always follow your instincts and gut feeling and be safe and healthy, but here’s a tip from me and all my friends try not to end up with a constant cheater or a guy who says he is legally married and lies that he’s getting a divorce but has to wait for their partner to be a legal citizen and all that complicated legal/illegal trouble, or as a another friend now can joke make sure they play for your team if you get his gist.

Good luck everyone and always believe in yourself.

Learn Korean With BTS!

I’m so happy mine came in today. It is so worth the money. And I love their cute tiny tan selves. Available on their weverse shop. It is an interactive learning system with special books and voice pen to hear the pronunciation in korean than in English or Japanese or Spanish. Also includes special messages from BTS to us fans to hear and videos to connect.

It’s learning their language to better understand and interact with BTS taught basically by BTS. So excited to start learning.


Tips For ARMY And Future Members.

Here are some tips for ARMY and future BTS members.

Follow all their social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and also become a member of V-LIVE and Weverse those accounts are free.

Now for anyone who wants the full BTS ARMY member experience including member only access to events and special products through their weverse shop than go to weverse and purchase your membership. Membership has changed and yes it is pricey but very worth it because it lasts a full year and you get access to everything from exclusive content to merchandise and online concerts now due to the current pandemic.

I myself am a official ARMY member and I have gotten many exclusive items and saw their online concert BANGBANGCON the tickets for official members were very affordable. So when it comes to BTS the money is very worth it for all you will be getting.

My BTS Playlist

Here is my list of my favorite BTS songs, the order is how my phone put them in but I find myself listening to Mic Drop and No More Dream a lot love the mixture of pop and rap.

  1. Idol
  2. Mic Drop
  3. Mic Drop Steve Aoki Remix
  4. Boy With Luv Ft.Halsey
  5. Not Today
  6. ON
  7. No More Dream
  8. Blood Sweat & Tears
  9. Fire
  10. Dope
  11. Dynamite
  12. Fake Love
  13. Make It Right

I also love Stay Gold and Spring Day both beautiful and emotional songs and you can hear the vocals so gracefully.