Happy Birthday My Bias RM🎉🎉🎉

A very joyful birthday to my bias Kim Namjoon aka RM of BTS.

My First Pokemon Elite Trainer Box’s- Evolving Skies🎉

This is the first time I bought 2 Elite Trainer Box’s from a Pokemon set and I especially love this set for the alternate art eeveelution cards they are so cute especially Slyveon I sadly didn’t pull it this time but wish me luck in pulling one😉

Shout out to ACS Gaming for them and the amazing affordable pricing they are the best so check them out online and in store if you live in south Florida.

Sad BTS News

It breaks and hurts not only my heart but every fans around the world including all the members of BTS that the concert got cancelled due to circumstances out of their hands. So saddened by this for many fans out their it would’ve been their first time seeing them in concert and a once in a lifetime experience.

I pray for BTS health and safety and pray that soon another day will come when we can all see them in person in concert.

Sudden News About Covid-19 And Tcg Card Games.

To start off I was personally asked by some very worried acquaintances who also enjoy card games to give my thoughts about a very disappointing and borderline evil situation that has happened down here in south Florida, PLEASE NOTE NO ONE IS MAKING ANYONE OUT TO BE EVIL BUT THE PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATION RESPONSIBLE SHOULD BE DEMANDED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND TO STOP FUTURE SPREADS. IF YOU DON’T LIKE OTHER’S OPINIONS THEN DON’T READ OR COMMENT!

To start I and many others new something like this might happen and even if we wished for it not to it still did because certain individuals refuse to stop being extremely selfish and reckless not only with their life but with hundreds of others.

To point out nothing will happen if you pause in playing in person your favorite card game, it won’t disappear doing that just might save your life and others to be able to play more in the future that is if you still have one.

Hosting events in closed spaces with more than +100 attendees is taking a big risk especially since legally you cannot ask them if they are vaccinated or not, and most aren’t and will never admit the truth nor will they ever be forced to depending on the situation, so this brings everyone to the current situation that hosting a big event with only a few wearing masks sitting right next to each other in a closed space resulted in many of the attendees to test positive for covid-19 and to be able to spread it more to the surrounding hotel and area if not quarantined immediately and everyone that attended should as soon as possible get tested.

Now it is not only those individuals that chose to go participate when sick but also the organization that gave them the platform. It has been clearly stated by the law that gatherings of more than 20 people is not allowed especially in closed spaces even if the restrictions are coming down slowly does not mean to just jump head straight in and risk others lives, but loop holes have been found and this is the result.

The organization should be forced to take responsibility for this gross negligence of not only the law but for human safety also those individuals, now every adult has the right to decide what they want to do with their lives but when they become a public threat well certain measures need to be taken in place, if an organization wants to hold events they need to have a modicum of safety measures in place like fever checks and hand sanitizers at anyone’s disposal as well as social distancing to secure everyone’s safety to the best of their abilities.

To the people defending the wrongdoers well don’t be surprised when the online trolls and other members call you incredibly stupid for thinking that nothing bad can happen if you never protect yourself and others because to choose to go and possibly infect others for your “hobby” is truly selfish and stupid. Their are ways to enjoy hobbies in a safe way without causing possible life ending situations.

Everyone talks that Florida is the worst and it might be but because of the residents doing whatever and never following simple instructions and not everyone is like that I feel sorry for all the good souls out their that have to get lumped in with all the bad apples that exist.

Not only is something like this unfortunate situation dangerous but it only proves to show why the rest of the world trash talks America and now especially Florida because of a bad example caused by dimwitted individuals.

I give props to everyone who knows how to enjoy card games in a safe way and I hope this opens the eye’s of other card shops to take precaution’s to avoid something like this happening to them, and I pray for the speedy recovery of the sick individuals and good luck to those who don’t know whether they are positive or negative.

We should all do our best to not only protect ourselves but also others so we can all get past this pandemic not bring it back to how it was in 2020, everyone should take a moment and contemplate their future actions and if a simple card game is worth possible reprecussions.

Everyone stay as healthy and safe as you can, good luck.

Commentary On Being Competitive In TCG Games.

Presenting some commentary from me and some tcg online pals.

The most the pals have commented on is how they always crack up when people who are posers try to show off that they are the best player when in reality they never place first, ever, and that the most they can boast about is that they got lucky twice to place second in regional competitions not even worlds. That and that they have dedicated decades of time for their game and in reality after all that time and “dedication” they still to this day never made first.

When asked for my commentary this is what I had to say, if you as an individual dedicate all that time and energy and still have never placed first then maybe that’s either a sign to slow down and find another hobby or to play for fun since being obviously being competitive is not turning completely in your favor if you are boasting that your the best player and ordering custom jersey’s with your last name on the back to show off how cool and such a awesome player you are when you’ve never even once came first. I say stop wasting your time showing off for something that you don’t have and try working harder on actually being the best then at least with all the trophies and certificates saying you won first can you then show off without being judged and called a wannabe poser. It’s all up to the individual at the end. So let’s wish them the best for now and see if they can prove everyone wrong?